Business article writer

Show off your smarts.

Articles show that you’re knowledgeable about the challenges consumers are dealing with—and how to confront those challenges. They position you as a thought-leader in the marketplace.

You provide the topic, and I research and interview SMEs, then write the article and make desired revisions. The result is an article that puts the heart in the story, bringing the subject alive and focusing on the details of the event/person/issue and his/her surroundings. All while maintaining your corporate voice.

“Dave is a thorough researcher and reporter who turns in clean copy that requires minimal revisions. He doggedly seeks out sources and writes compelling articles with a journalist’s touch. He is always willing to listen to suggestions and provide exactly what my magazine needs. I’ve even relied on him to do some editing and rewriting of magazine sections. Top qualities: great results, personable, high integrity.”

– Joni Hoffman, Editor, The Buzz Magazines