Book ghostwriter

You’ve got stories. Let’s tell them.

Maybe you want to share your business expertise, or your leadership philosophy. Maybe you have a technology story, or you’ve experienced something profound that can benefit others.

But sharing that story with the world seems like a pipe dream. You’re too busy to craft the story, philosophy, or expertise into a book. Or you don’t know where to start or where to go from the start.

Let me help you tell it.

I work with you one-on-one to draw out your story. Together we’ll explore your ideas and story to narrow it down to the best topic and the best ways to tell it. Then, over multiple conversations, we’ll talk through your story in detail—in your own words, in your own voice, in your own style. I’ll ask questions to dig deeper and probe to find the details that drive your story. You can ramble. Use “Ums” and “you knows.” Backtrack and lose your place in the story. Don’t worry. That’s why I’m here, to unravel your tale.

I’ll organize your thoughts until they’re coherent, grammatically correct, and tell a great story. So your book is compelling and impactful—and something you’re proud to put your name on.

I’ll write the book chapter-by-chapter, and you’ll receive drafts of the chapters for review as I finish them. You can make edits or suggestions, and I’ll knead the text until it’s exactly what you want. Then, I send the manuscript to a professional proofreader to closely examine it with fresh eyes.

I ghostwrite:

  • Healthcare books
  • Business books
  • HR books
  • Leadership books
  • Memoirs
  • True stories
  • Sports novels

For an extra fee, I can help with managing the cover and design, securing the ISBN and bar code, registering your U.S. copyright, managing the printing process, and listing your book on

Are you ready to tell your story? Let’s go.