Book editor

Editing is about more than just ensuring words are spelled correctly, commas are placed appropriately, and tense stays put. Good editing elevates average writing to masterful copy and can help you capture the tension, clarity, and meaning you seek for your story.

As a long-time professional writer and editor, it’s my job to master the nuances of the English language and other style and grammar points that make your writing professional quality. But my experience has also taught me how to make a story compelling, how to draw connections in the text, and how to ensure the story flows smoothly.

It’s expertise I use to help authors improve their books through the following editing services:

  • Overview editing to help you flesh out the story, find connections, increase clarity and conciseness, and pump up the readability of your story. I read over your story to get a feel for it, and then go through it a second time and make notes and suggestions to improve your manuscript, then hand it back to you with specific recommendations that you can take and use to improve the content.
  • Sentence-level editing to eliminate needless words and cut the clutter to make paragraphs razor sharp.
  • Line-by-line, word-by-word proof reading to ensure each word you’ve written is exactly the word you want and that it’s grammatically, stylishly, and tonally correct.

Need help smoothing out your text? Let’s talk.