Success story writer

Let your successes speak for themselves.

Tales of your company’s success in helping clients can be a powerful tool—if presented in a compelling, informative, and grammatically correct way that tugs at the heart and purse strings.  

I interview your client and then write a concise story about the problems the client was trying to solve, how your company was the only one that could effectively solve the problem, and the benefits that client is now enjoying from your solution or service. Each case study will focus on a pain point that many of your prospects may be feeling, and through that shared pain, these stories will help convince others that you’re the right company to solve their pain points, too.

“In case studies and white papers for large software companies, Dave is always able to craft a narrative that connects with the client’s audience and is enjoyable to read. He’s self-motivated at researching the topic, coordinating the interviews, and asking smart, incisive questions to draw out necessary information. The resulting text is engaging because it draws on real pain points, speaks to the audience in plain language, and is filled with interesting details that bring the story to life.”

– Scott Danish, President and Co-Owner, BayCreative Inc.