Newsletter writer

Just because a newsletter needs to be concise doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

A human element spices up short newsletter pieces and draws in readers. The articles need to be written simply, concisely, and at a basic level—no corporate speak! With articles like that, the audience will be happy to read the story and ingest the message you want them to come away with.

I work on three types of newsletter projects:

  1. Just an article. You provide me with a subject, and I interview the subject, source, or SME, do other necessary research, and write the article.
  2. An online newsletter emailed to your clients and/or prospects. First, we establish a publication schedule and editorial calendar. Then, according to that schedule, I write the newsletter, which usually consists of one main article and a few brief sidebars. The main article is a slice-of-business-life piece or focuses on a new development or important company update. The purpose is to keep you top-of-mind for clients with interesting news or anecdotes.
  3. A printed newsletter for clients and/or prospects or employees. This is multiple pages with multiple articles, including a front-page feature, message from the CEO or department head, and smaller but still substantial news or update articles inside. As with the online newsletter, we start by establishing a publication schedule and editorial calendar.