Free Style Guide

Bring consistency to your communications

If your communications are sloppy, nothing you say will sound credible.

One sure way to seem unprofessional is to present communications that seem patched together—with poor grammar, words spelled wrong, and inconsistent use of capitalization, punctuation, and terminology.

Companies and professional writers need a style guide to help them speak with one consistent voice across all their materials – and even within longer content!

This FREE, 18-page style guide gives you the foundation for a solid companywide style guide. It covers frequent business-specific issues, including:

  • Which words should be capitalized
  • When you should use the word “irregardless”
  • When to use “which,” “that,” or “who”
  • Whether the author should use the serial comma
  • Frequently misspelled words


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Free style guide

Or, if you want a more in-depth guide, with examples and with entries tailored to your industry, just let me know. I produce and sell longer guides customized for individual organizations.